New Candys

Bleeding Magenta


October 6, 2017
Fuzz Club / Little Cloud Records

The album title can be read as a cinematographic reference, where there’s fiction there’s no real pain. During the writing process we kept in mind the release format of a 12” vinyl and treated it as an extra influential element. The first side at 33 rpm written meticulously with most of the songs. For the second side (tracks 8-11) we acted the opposite way, no limits, one long medley without overthinking, at 45 rpm. Visually inspired by Refn's last movies and Argento's early movies.

New Candys As Medicine


March 16, 2015
Picture In My Ear / Fuzz Club

Mixed by Loop’s original drummer/producer John Wills, released on Minneapolis based label Picture In My Ear. A deluxe vinyl with different artwork has been released on Fuzz Club. The leitmotif for the album’s imaginary comes from Maya Deren’s surrealistic films together with the Patent Medicines’ period, when drugs compounds were sold pretending to be medications with exclusive ingredients.

Picture In My Ear

September 16, 2016
Picture In My Ear

Picture In My Ear's most ambitious release to date, features songs from Stay, Chatham Rise, Purple Heart Parade, Daydream Machine, Thelightshines, Grimble Grumble and The Tunnels. Bones On Fire (John Wills Mix) is exclusive to this release.

The Reverb
Conspiracy Vol. III

January 25, 2015
Fuzz Club / The Reverberation Appreciation Society

Compilation that brings together European young bands of the underground psych scene, including Goat (mixed by Anton Newcombe). Artwork by Nonni DeadMeltdown Corp. is from the album Stars Reach The Abyss.

Dark Love / Surf 2
Split Single

​January 19, 2015
Shyrec / Xnot You Xme

Double a-side split single with Kill Your Boyfriend. Dark Love is from the album New Candys As Medicine. Surf 2 is exclusive to this release.

Stars Reach The Abyss


March 23, 2012
Foolica / Fuzz Club

The album's main theme is probably the time conception, with a transitional journey: the deeper darkest place is reached and lighted by the farther brightest points. The tracklist order depends on the format: one transition on cd/digital, two transitions (one per side) on vinyl/cassette. Salar and Dry Air Everywhere (Breath Into You Mix), originally available only digitally with the album singles, have been added. Visually inspired by the movie La Cicatrice Intérieure, starring Nico.

New Candys

July 9, 2010

No computers were used during the recordings. We were so disappointed by our previous studio experiences that we chose to record on tape. It took us three days mixing included, was supposed to be a demo helping us playing shows, but in the end got reviews so it became our first "release". Dry Air Everywhere and Volunteer have been re-recorded for our first album.